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    Many insurance companies provide partial or full coverage for acupuncture treatments. Sharon will gladly contact your insurance carrier to verify your plan’s coverage.

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    Most patients report no pain sensation during needling.
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    Chinese herbs used alone or in combination with Acupuncture can greatly improve any condition and help the body regain balance faster.

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    Chinese medicine is extremely successful in treating various gynecological disorders that contribute to infertility as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

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    From menarche to menopause and beyond, Sharon offers extensive physical, mental, and emotional support for women at all stages in their reproductive journey.

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Sharon Davida is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of California and is nationally certified as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine. She has an extensive background in Western medicine having served as an army medic. She is widely trained in various types of bodywork modalities and has been providing excellent service in the health field for more than 15 years. Using her diverse skill set, Sharon has trained hundreds of people in the healing arts. She completed her master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Dongguk University Los Angeles, graduating summa cum laude.

Led by the strong belief that the body naturally desires to return to a healthy, happy state, Sharon’s mission is to guide her patients back into balance. She knows that when working as a team and guided by a common goal, the practitioner and patient can achieve a magnificent sense of internal well-being.

As a clinician Sharon provides the physical, mental, and emotional support for women at all stages in their fertility journey. She offers extensive support before and through pregnancy, postpartum, and during transitioning into menopause and beyond.

What makes Sharon unique is her ability to treat patients using the best of Eastern and Western medicine. Guiding patients with a gentle, informed approach, and using her intimate knowledge of acupuncture, herbs, diet, functional medicine, meditation and bodywork, she strives to achieve life- changing results.

Sharon examines each patient’s unique life path and the obstacles they face in achieving optimal health. She helps patients overcome their obstacles with a measured approach centered on trusting the body’s own innate wisdom as it journeys through the healing process.