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Reproductive Health

The use of acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, nutritional and lifestyle guidance has been shown to promote reproductive health and fertility. To prepare the body to be able to house and nurture a new life all organ systems need to work in harmony. Fertility challenges and pregnancy discomforts reflect internal imbalances, and can be reduced or even eliminated using Chinese medicine.

Whether your goal is to regulate or restore a healthy menstrual cycle, conceive a child, or alleviate premenopausal symptoms, Chinese medicine can provide the perfect answer for you. With treatments completely tailored to your unique set of circumstances and needs, nourishing your reproductive system back to a healthful flourishing state is within reach.

How does Chinese medicine improve fertility?

Traditional Chinese medicine approaches the body as a whole. We believe that in order to enhance the chances for conception and maintaining a healthy successful pregnancy, the whole person, meaning you the future mother, needs to be in a balanced physical and emotional state, not only the reproductive organs and hormones. Utilizing the vast knowledge of reproductive health accumulated throughout the centuries, acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutritional and lifestyle guidance are used to optimize your chances for conception, as well as priming the reproductive organs and hormones to receive and support a vital embryo.

Beyond bringing your body to the optimum state it could be to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy, treatment is also aimed at improving the quality of sperm and egg cells. Whether you are planning to conceive naturally or with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology such as IVF, Chinese medicine can enhance sperm and egg quality thus improving the chances for a viable embryo. This is done by regulating reproductive organs and increasing blood circulation to nourish the reproductive organs.

Research indicates that in order to achieve best results, women trying to conceive should plan for a minimum period of 3 months of regular treatments once or twice a week. In some cases where chronic conditions are present which hinder reproductive health, a longer period of time might be required.

How does Chinese medicine support IVF treatments?

It is well documented in various studies performed worldwide that Chinese medicine can increase the success rate of IVF by 40-60%. Chinese medicine is very successful in treating various gynecological disorders that contribute to infertility. Assisting with stress management, as well as counseling for healthy diet and lifestyle habits can significantly contribute to reproductive health as well. By treating the root cause of infertility, some patients may become pregnant naturally eliminating the need for IVF all together.

In order to regulate the body’s functions and make IVF more successful, it is recommended to start receiving regular acupuncture approximately 3 months prior to the IVF procedure. Treatment is aimed at balancing reproductive hormones, regulating menstrual cycle, improving ovaries function, as well as semen quality and quantity. Utilizing Chinese medicine Sharon creates a customized treatment plan tailored for female and male patients to improve the chances for conceiving a child.

How can Chinese medicine benefit pregnancy?

Following a successful conception, the goal of treatment shifts to supporting your physical and emotional health through a stable full term pregnancy. Chinese medicine is safe during pregnancy and effective in reducing commonly expected symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, anxiety or depression, headaches, lower back pain, and indigestion. Treatment approach during this wondrous yet delicate time is to nourish maternal body to physically support the fetus, soothe any emotional tension, and maintain proper hormonal function through the different stages of pregnancy.

A few months prior to the expected delivery date treatment focus is on preparing your body for a shorter easier labor. As your body changes quickly and the added fetal weight creates tension and fatigue, Chinese medicine is excellent in increasing energy, soothing the ligaments the hold the uterus, and softening the cervix in preparation for delivery. Special techniques can also be used to achieve proper fetal positioning for delivery and stimulate contractions in case of delayed delivery time.

In addition to providing physical relief and readying your body for delivery, Sharon is there to appease any apprehension you might experience as your delivery date approaches. Providing you with warm- hearted emotional guidance and using acupuncture to calm the mind, she helps in cultivating a peaceful state of mind to which your baby is going to enter as he/she arrives.

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