What is Herbal Medicine?

The highly effective use of herbs in Asian Medicine has been documented and refined for over thousands of years. This vast accumulated knowledge has identified particular roots, bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, and animal products, which have been used successfully in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions and diseases.

Combining these herbs into pre-made or customized formulas that specifically fit the patient’s needs is an art that has been studied and perfected. Since all of the ingredients are natural, the use of herbs is extremely safe and nourishing for the body.

Sharon only uses the highest quality of USDA approved herbs to mindfully create custom formulas for her patients according to their unique needs. Formulas can be in the form of raw, powder, capsule, or pill form. Herbal patches or ointments for pain reduction are available as well.

What are the benefits of herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is used to treat the underlying causes of disease rather than focusing on the signs and symptoms. In order to formulate and prescribe the right treatment, Sharon examines the whole picture, from lifestyle to physical or emotional stressors. Once the cause of an imbalance is discovered, the herbal formula is prescribed to restore the body's natural balance.

Herbal formulas can assist the body in recovering from various conditions. In cases of general deficiency due to stress, wear and tear, advanced age, and other conditions, tonic formulas are utilized to replenish and restore the body’s vitality. During an acute viral or bacterial infection herbs are used to assist in expelling the pathogenic factor and strengthen immunity. Herbs can also effectively support and balance endocrine function, helping improve reproductive health and fertility, and treating various additional hormonal imbalances.

Herbal medicine is widely used for its preventative action to boost immune function and promote general wellbeing before any disease occurs. From improving digestion, memory, concentration and sleep, to strengthening muscles and bones, and managing stress, the list of herbals medicine’s benefits is long and growing as research in the field continues.

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